US-Ukraine deal ‘less important than some press releases’ – Moscow

The 10-year security agreement was touted as solidifying American commitments, but may be scrapped at whim by Donald Trump

FILE PHOTO: Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman . ©  Sputnik / Sergey Guneev

The document signed by President Joe Biden and Vladimir Zelensky on Thursday is largely irrelevant and meant to deceive the Ukrainian people, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said.

The security deal was sealed on the sidelines of the G7 summit in Italy and declares Washington’s commitments to further Kiev’s goal of joining NATO by supporting and developing its military for years to come. has similar arrangements with multiple other Western nations.

The terms do not include specific targets for military assistance or a pledge by the US to defend Ukraine, according to Western media reports. However, Washington has vowed to hold high-level consultations with Kiev within 24 hours if Ukraine is attacked in the future.

Zakharova on Friday called the deal a “scrap of paper” and claimed “some press releases are more important” than the document. She cited the lack of specifics and judicially binding power when explaining her dismissive attitude.

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“Zelensky is a master of public relations and show business… He uses his entire artistic range to misrepresent bad things as good,” the official told journalists, referring to the politician’s previous career as a comedian and actor. The agreement is primarily meant “to show to the citizens of Ukraine, whom Zelensky has not yet sent to the slaughter, that the world community is supposedly with them.”

Biden described the deal as accelerating “Ukraine’s integration into the European and… trans-Atlantic communities” and furthering its objectives in the conflict with , as he announced it at a joint press conference with Zelensky.

The document, however, is not a treaty ratified by the US Congress, so any future US leader can nullify it, US officials told The Washington Post. Ex-President Donald Trump has criticized the Biden administration for overspending on the Ukrainian armed forces. The Republican politician has claimed on multiple occasions that he could end the conflict “in 24 hours”, if elected again. WaPo sources said “they hoped the agreement would transcend political divisions within the United States,” should Trump win in the November election.

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Moscow perceives the hostilities with Kiev as part of a proxy war that the US and its allies are waging against Russia. The West’s goal is to contain and damage its opponent, Russian officials have claimed, and it would fuel the conflict “to the last Ukrainian.”


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