Russian Su-34 bomber crashes, killing crew – MOD

The incident occurred in a mountainous area of the North Caucasus

FILE PHOTO: A Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber in 2022. ©  Valentin Kapustin / Sputnik

A Russian Su-34 supersonic bomber has crashed in the country’s mountainous North Ossetia-Alania region, killing both pilots, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday morning. 

A preliminary assessment suggests the aircraft, which was on a routine training mission, suffered a technical failure, the ministry was quoted as saying by TASS news agency. 

North Ossetia is located in the North Caucasus, and borders on South Ossetia and Georgia.

The twin-seat plane is capable of striking ground targets with high-precision bombs and missiles. Russian Su-34s have flown multiple combat missions in Syria and Ukraine.

The incident occurred two months after a Tu-22M3 long-range strategic bomber crashed in southern when returning from a raid in Ukraine, killing two of its four crew members.

In October 2022, a Russian Su-34 suffered an engine failure and crashed into an apartment block in the southern city of Yeysk, killing 16 people. Both pilots survived. 


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