Russia gains more ground against Ukraine – MOD

Kiev’s troops have been pushed out from two more villages, the Russian military has reported

FILE PHOTO: Russian troops. ©  Sputnik / Vitaly Timkiv

Russian forces have gained control of two more villages on the front line with , the Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday.

Both advances were made by the ‘West’ grouping of the armed forces, according to the military’s regular media briefing. The settlement of Artyomovka was liberated in ’s Lugansk People’s Republic. The other community, Timkovka, is located in Ukraine’s Kharkov Region.

Elsewhere, near Kupyansk and Nevskoye, several Ukrainian units suffered heavy damage, the ministry claimed. Overall, Kiev lost over 560 troops on this axis alone in 24 hours, the ministry estimated.

Ukrainian forces have been gradually losing ground to their Russian counterparts in recent months, with particularly serious setbacks occurring last month in Kharkov Region.

The latest Russian update said forces from the north grouping, which is primarily responsible for the action there, had been pushing forward near the settlements of Glubokoye and Tikhoye. Ukrainian casualties reached 265 in one day, it added.

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The US, Ukraine’s key supporter in the conflict with Moscow, has reacted to the setbacks by reportedly greenlighting Ukrainian strikes using American weapons outside territory claimed by Kiev.

The Ukrainian government has complained that limited permission to attack targets inside Russia’s Belgorod Region on the border with Kharkov Region was hampering progress.

Vladimir Zelensky has said that he wants to use Western arms to deliver strikes deep inside Russia. Kiev has been using domestically produced kamikaze drones for such attacks but, according to Zelensky, “powerful” missiles obtained from foreign sponsors would be more efficient.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that any such attack may prompt his nation to supply weapons of similar class to outside forces, who would then use them to attack military assets belonging to Western nations. Such an escalation could lead to disastrous consequences, he added.

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According to the president, Ukrainian cross-border attacks in Belgorod Region, including against civilian targets, necessitated the Russian offensive in Kharkov Region. The goal is to establish a buffer zone there, he has said.


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