‘Primakov Readings’ Forum to address Russia’s role in multipolar world

The International Forum will be held on June 25-26 in the Russian capital  

Russian Foreign Minister addresses the audience at the Primakov Readings Forum, in , . ©  Sputnik/Maksim Blinov

The tenth annual ‘Primakov Readings’ International Forum on the theme ‘Russia in the global context’ will be held in Moscow on June 25-26.

A number of high-ranking officials will take part in the event, including Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, senior foreign policy aide to the Russian president Yuri Ushakov, top Russian senator Konstantin Kosachev, and the chairman of the CIS Executive Committee, Sergey Lebedev.

The forum will also bring together leading Russian and international experts in international security, world politics, and economics, plus representatives of public organizations, politicians, and diplomats.

The discussions at the forum, named after the late Russian Prime Minister Evgeny Primakov, will center on the role of the group of emerging economies in a new global economic architecture. The participants will also discuss the emerging multipolar world order and prospects for relations between the countries of Greater Eurasia, as well as security in the Baltic region and the impact of the latest crises on European security.

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The West has committed “strategic miscalculations,” notably its sanctions policy aimed at crippling the Russian economy, and its efforts to isolate Russia from global trade, the president of the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Aleksandr Dynkin, wrote in a note ahead of the forum.

“Not a single economy in today’s world could withstand such aggressive pressure,” he said.

This fall, Primakov would have celebrated his 95th birthday. In light of this, the main program of the forum will start with a session dedicated to his scientific and political legacy.

The event is organized by the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences, with the assistance of its partners the Primakov Center for International Cooperation, the World Trade Center and the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The project is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation.


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