Bomb Ukraine with sex toys – Russian MP

Adult stores should be closed and their merchandise put to better use, Vitaly Milonov has said

File photo: A sex-shop in Moscow, 2004. ©  Sputnik/Dmitry Korobeynikov

should shut down all the adult stores and use their merchandise as projectiles against Ukrainian troops, a controversial lawmaker has proposed.

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov, one of the sponsors of the 2013 “gay propaganda” ban, made the comment in an interview with the Govorit Moskva radio station on Thursday.

“We need to take all the stuff from sex shops, load it onto bombers and drop them on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Let these rubber p***ies slap them upside the head,” Milonov said.

Milonov is an outspoken supporter of Russia’s military operation against the current Ukrainian government, and had volunteered to fight in Donbass in 2022.

The United Russia lawmaker currently serves as the deputy chair of the Duma committee on families, fatherhood, motherhood and childhood. He has had a history of colorful proposals intended to promote family values and counter Western “degeneracy.”

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During Thursday’s show, Milonov also denounced the “Bubble Baba Challenge,” a proposed event in his native Leningrad Region that would involve using inflatable sex dolls as rafts. 

“I believe that anyone who has such an accessory [sex doll] – definitely a candidate for a mental hospital,” he said on air, adding that he sincerely wished “piranhas would appear in the river” during such an event “to take revenge on these crazy people.”

The event’s organizers are “idiots” and “cucks,” he added.

In another radio appearance on Govorit Moskva over the weekend, Milonov called for a crackdown on prostitution, accusing streetwalkers of “destroying families and seducing people with their imaginary silicone beauty.”

Last month, he proposed hosting a dating app on the state services platform Gosuslugi, with the intent to promote marriage. On International Women’s Day, he told the same radio station that the best March 8 gift for a Russian woman would be “a new pregnancy.” 

In January, he suggested outlawing vasectomies and punishing divorce with a fine or mobilization to the Ukrainian front.

Milonov has also campaigned to ban men from walking around without shirts, labeling as “extremist” anyone who promotes a child-free lifestyle, outlawing Halloween celebrations, and banning fathers who failed to pay child support from being listed as male on official documents, because “a real man will never abandon his children.”


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